Passion Project–Technology


Anitra Kaczmarski

A Passion Project Fair is scheduled for the afternoon of May 15th.  All elementary students are required to research a topic that they are passionate about, create a project or product, and present that project or product at the Fair; it is also optional for middle school and high school students.  Some project ideas thus far have included building a solar-powered car, making candy and ice cream, a rain garden, displaying and explaining mythology, researching animals, building a race course, sewing, painting a mural, dancing, writing a song, playing guitar, creating model tornadoes, foreign languages, etc.

Several students in grades 2-6 have been working under the supervision of Jamie Glass on a technology project.  Xander Wilcox, Jaxson Kaseno, Dexton Wilcox, Tucker Mueller, Brody Verne, Marcus Kane, Stuart Agostine, and Emmitt Peterson are learning programming basics via to learn how to eventually create their own video game. Eddie Pudas and Hayden Mieritz are learning how to use the complex and powerful Unity engine to create a video game.  Unity is a cross-platform real-time engine written in the languages of C++ and C# and used in creating games in both 2-D and 3-D.  Sam Swanson and Daniel Truchon are learning 3D design and printing utilizing the Google Sketchup and Autocad software packages as well as our Ultimaker 2+ 3-D printer.  Thank you Jamie for supporting and encouraging these students!