Spring Athletics Underway


Ryan Tiberg

With Spring here now that means, baseball, softball, and track and field have begun. We have a new baseball coach this year, Brady McGuire; the 10-12 boys are practicing in the gym, working on fielding, pitching, etc. until the Town Field is ready to go for them to practice on.  They have used the parking lot as a space to get outside a little bit. Softball also has a new coach this season, Eddie, and the 10 girls have had a couple of practices in the gym, trying to figure out position, hitting, pitching, etc. Once the Campus Field is ready they will get into full swing. The first scheduled baseball and softball games are April 1st @ Drummond. Track and Field, which I am coaching this season has 11 boys and girls out, we Co-op with Washburn, so we have used the Ashland Field House one evening, weight room, and the roads of Port Wing to get ready for our meets.