Toothpick Bridges!


Trinadel Johnson, Kyla Smith, & Quinn Soltis watch as Jacob Nollet and Leila Tuura pur sand into the bucket.

Kyla Smith, Technical Review Specialist

On March 12th 2019, the 9th grade Physical Science class traveled to UMD for the toothpick bridge competition.

Students in Physical Science built bridges out of toothpicks and glue. It took several hours to complete the bridges. There were many requirements that the students had to follow, such as the bridge had to be under 90 grams, and span a 55 centimeter gap and it had to fit within a 10 by 35 centimeter space. When the bridges were done, they took a field trip to the University of Minnesota-Duluth to participate in the competition with other schools. Of the bridges South Shore took to the competition, 70.51 pounds was the most weight held by a bridge. This bridge had been built by Jacob Nollet, Quinn Soltis, and Leila Turra. Of the entire competition, the most weight held was over 215 pounds. Jacob Nollet had a great time, “It was actually pretty fun. We realized that we probably weren’t going to hold the most weight but we gave it our all and did our best.” Overall, it was a fun experience for students in physical science.