Concordia Language Villages


Anitra Kaczmarski

On March 1-3, Veda Dreher and Jacob Nollet along with Ms. Ripley, spent the weekend at El Lago del Bosque.  The purpose of the weekend was to allow students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a Spanish setting.  Meals, activities, classes, etc. were all conducted in Spanish.  Counselors were all native speakers from Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and other Spanish-speaking countries.  Students learned about the history and culture of Spanish-speaking countries.  The focus of this weekend was Spain.  Jacob comments, “At first, it was really scary, but then you figure out how to listen for key words and figure it out from there.”  Veda added, “I really loved the music–especially the Lago del Bosque song!  It really makes you understand how people feel when they come here (US) and don’t speak the language.”