After-School Latchkey Program


Anitra Kaczmarski

South Shore Elementary offers the After-School Latchkey Program for Elementary students grades Pre-K/Daycare-6th grade.  The program is designed to have a safe place and offer some informal educational opportunities for students after school if parents/guardians are unable to be at home when children arrive from school on a regular basis or on an “as needed” basis.   Some activities that students can expect during Latchkey include reading books, playing board games and/or cards, free play, and snack.


Currently Latchkey is offered Monday-Thursday on days in which school is in session from 3:20-5:15 p.m.  There is NO Latchkey on any Early Release or Parent/Teacher Conference days.  The Late Bus is available for students to ride home and will drop off at the designated stops.  If you have any questions about the Latchkey Program, please call Diana Reijo in the Elementary Office at 715-774-3500 ext. 611 or email [email protected].