Winter Solstice


Anitra Kaczmarski

Do you have mixed emotions about winter solstice?  I know I do.  Winter solstice is the point at which Earth’s axis is tilted as far from the Sun as it will be all year. The maximum tilt away from the Sun in the Northern Hemisphere means the shortest day of the year and longest night of the year in 2018.  On one hand, I cannot wait for the days to get longer and to witness more daylight (and hopefully sunlight) each day!  On the other hand, the onset of official Winter leaves me feeling a bit depressed at the thought of the cold days of which to come.  December has been a mild month so far, and I am hopeful that the winter months ahead will also be mild.  Students have told me that winter on the south shore usually involves lots of wind, lots of snow, and very cold temperatures.  In addition to that, students have forewarned me that staff and students tend to get “cranky” during January and February as winter doldrums set in.  This will be my first winter living on the south shore so I guess I will just have to wait and see how it unfolds.  Either way, mild or severe, this winter I plan to make the best of winter by snuggling in at the cabin with my family, sipping on a hot cocoa, or watching South Shore basketball games.  Maybe I will even take up a winter hobby. . . snowshoeing, perhaps.