Quiz Bowl


Caden, Veda and Kyla try hard to answer the question.

Austyn Lovejoy, Theme Coordinator

Quiz bowl is a game, same as basketball or volleyball.  However, it’s not a game of strength or strategy; it’s a game of knowledge and team work. Quiz Bowl offers a taste of competition for those students not interested in athletic competition such as volleyball, baseball, or basketball. Quiz Bowl questions can range from things like “What is the capital of New York?” to things like “One character in this play becomes depressed after learning that Rosaline has taken a vow of celibacy, while another says “ask for me tomorrow, and you shall find me a grave man” after he is mortally wounded by Tybalt. In this play, a message about a faked death is delayed by a quarantine and Friar Lawrence marries two characters, one of whom compares the other to a rose while below her balcony. Name this Shakespearean play.” Yes that was all one question!!  Quiz bowl competitions can range from high schools competing against each other, to national competitions. Some competitions are even televised. This year’s quiz bowl team is coached by Beth Hoagland and has a record of 4-8. Team members are Myla, Luke, Alex, Veda, Kyla, Holden, Jake, Caden, Austyn, Alyssa, Quinn, and Jacob. Because all of our schools are so far apart, we compete via ITV, except on Wednesday, February 12th the team will go to CESA-12 for our first face-to-face competition with the schools we have been competing with for the last five months.