The Show Must Go On

Austyn Lovejoy, Theme Coordinator

On Friday, November 2nd, and Saturday, November 3rd, the show went on here at South Shore.  Elementary, middle, and high school students in the drama program put on two successful one-act plays and several skits. The elementary play, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, was a slight offshoot of the original fairy tale, The Boy Who Cried Wolf. The middle school put on a series of skits about learning how to drive. These skits involved everything from a technology crazy teen to a driving instructor who had never driven a car. The high school freshmen put on two skits; the first is about three gold-digging young ladies. The second was about celebrity chefs Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray and a fun kitchen fight.

Mrs. Lallemont says “This year has definitely been in a class by itself.  During the summer when I made the decision to try to direct three different one-act plays in two months I knew it was going to be either an epic fail or success. We have so many talented students at South Shore, I felt the need to try to showcase as many as possible. Freshman, Leila Tuura, said she enjoyed drama because “It was fun to have a fight scene onstage. I’d never done that before.” Senior Myla Lahti says, “Drama has taught me to step outside my comfort zone and sometimes if you are unsure if you will like something, try it , you will never know unless you try.”

This year the drama program was made up of 13 elementary students. 10 middle school students, and 9 high school students–6 of which were backstage helpers. As you can see, we have a very young cast, making it an even bigger success for these plays to have been a hit. We wanted to say thank you to all who came out to support us. Thank you to Mrs. Lallemont and Tonya for helping us grow in the arts and thank you to our seniors Myla and Ryan for giving us your time, you will be missed by the drama program.