Tri-State Honors Band


L to R Advisor Nicole kavakecz, Elizabeth Kobie, Natalie Knaack and Leila Tuura

Myla Lahti, Technical Review Specialist

On October 18, 2018 many students from Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan gathered at UW-Superior for a chance to work with different students and a director to become a great ensemble. The students selected by their school’s band director to participate are people who excel on a wind band instrument such as a flute, clarinet, or baritone. This year Senior Elizabeth Kobie, Sophomore Natalie Knaack and Freshman Leila Tuura were chosen to represent South Shore Schools.  This type of experience is unique because it’s not only a different setting but they are also working with a completely different group of talented musicians. The group spends all day practicing together and then puts on a performance that same evening.

Overall South Shore was well represented and they had a lot of fun!