Corn Maze Fun


Erika Suo

Third and Fourth Graders explore the corn maze.

Myla Lahti, Technical Review Specialist

Have you ever gotten lost in a corn maze?  On October 22nd, South Shore Elementary students went to the Oulu Corn Maze.  Do you like getting muddy? We got really muddy, but we had a lot of fun finding the hidden stations in the corn.  


When we got to the corn maze, we were divided into multiage teams.  Each team had a combination of students from 4K through 6th grade. There were 1 or 2 students from each grade level.  All teams had a teacher and/or a parent to help lead the group.


After we assembled our teams, we rode out to the maze on hay wagons.  The wagons were really crowded, so some people had to sit on the floor.  Two tractors pulled the wagons behind them. The ride was bumpy because of the rough terrain.  There were deep, muddy ruts on the trail to the maze.


As soon as we got off the wagons, we got to go into the maze to find the hidden stations.  At times, it was hard to keep track of everyone on our team because students wandered off or got left behind while they were looking for hidden stations.  Sometimes it felt like we were going in circles, so we divided up and searched rows and then came back together. Different teams helped each other to find all the stations.


Once everyone was out of the maze, we got on the hay wagons and rode back to the barn.  We were treated to snacks and hot chocolate. We got to see cows, horses, chickens and rabbits.  We even got to play some games. Sadly, we ran out of time and had to head for the buses. If you know a school who is looking for a challenging field trip that will test their students’ teamwork, problem-solving, and logical thinking skills, tell them to go to the Oulu Corn Maze.  We can’t wait to go back again next year!

Written by: The Third and Fourth Grade Class