Principal Appreciation


T.J. Rogers & Anitra Kaczmarski

October was principal appreciation month.  In honor of this, we asked several students and staff what they appreciated most about Mr. Gustafson.  Here are their responses:


Marcus (5th Grade)–He is a nice principal.

T.J. (Senior)–When I came here for the first time, he was (and is) very helpful to me.

Sarena (7th Grade)–He is kind and helpful.

Sawyer (Senior)–His dedication to our school.

Izzy (8th Grade)–He cares about his students.

Mrs. Olson–He is a good leader and helps make South Shore an awesome place for students and staff.

Mrs. Burkett–He provides a fun learning work place for staff and students.  South Shore is lucky to have him.

Mrs. McKnight–I appreciate his leadership and support.  He encourages us to do our best.

Mrs. Suo–I appreciate that he does many extra things for students that other principals would not do.

Richard (4th Grade)–I like him because he does not like bullying.

Dexton (4th Grade)–I appreciate that he picks kids who are quiet to answer questions during assemblies.

Addisen (4th Grade)–I like that he helps kids when they are bullied.

Mrs. Kaczmarski–I appreciate his caring nature and dedication to the school.  I especially enjoy how he announces at home sporting events with the same enthusiasm every time!

Morgan (Senior)–I appreciate his involvement in multiple school activities.

 Thank you Mr. G.!