Saint Scholastica Steel Drums


Aurora Grant, Director of Photography

Do you know how good oil barrels can sound? On October 3, 2018, we were visited by the Saint Scholastica Steel Drum Band. The whole school, grades 4k-12, went into the high school gym for the concert. But our class was lucky. We got to hear a demo while in music class before the concert started.

When we went in the gym, we saw the group of musicians with their steel drums. The leader introduced the group and explained where the music came from. The music started in the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, which are located just north of South America.

We listened to 7 or 8 songs. One of our high schoolers, Matt Montgomery, joined in and played a brake drum, which we really enjoyed. The audience clapped with the beat and sang along with one of the songs. They told us that the drums cost $20,000.

The hour of music went by so fast, and suddenly it was time to go home. I think everyone would have wanted to stay and listen to more music. If there had been more time, I had hoped to get a chance to play the steel drum. If they can, I want them to come back!

Story Written by: Richard Caratzola