Young At Heart


Aurora Grant and Searra Frostman

A warm cool breeze ruffled the colorful paper fish that greeted people as they entered South Shore for the annual spring concert. On Tuesday, May 8, at 6:30 Hunter Schierman kicked off the Young at Heart middle school and high school spring concert. The first song of the night had a warm welcoming message “Be our guest!” so the audience did just that and settled in for 75 minutes of musical entertainment courtesy of the talented musicians of South Shore. The performance ranged from choir groups to soloists to the whole band with both instrumental and vocal songs. Perhaps the biggest hit of the evening were the parodies. Director Kavajecz assigned the 6th grade the difficult but ultimately rewarding task of creating lyrics to the melody of a song of their choosing. What fun! The results were outstanding and three were chosen to be showcased at the concert. Lyrics weren’t always audible so be sure to check out the video as we’ve added the lyrics to the picture. Enjoy!

In case you missed it here is the program for the evening:

The Beauty and the Beast Arr. Emerson, Go the Distance From Hercules Menken/Zippel…8-12 Choir

Piano Man With Creative Edits Elton John, Air and Italian Rustic Dance H. Voxman, A Breezin’ Cakewalk Arr. Luhring…Jacob-vocal, Paige and Emily-flute, Lily T.-alto sax

Chorale and Cannon Anne McGinty, The Prehistoric Suite Paul Jennings…6/7/8 Band

Christopher Robin is Saying his Prayers Frasier-Simpson, Canzonetta Bernards, Climbin’ Up The Mountain Arr. Simms…Gracelyn and Claire-vocal, Lily T.-alto sax, Maggie-clarinet

School is Our Compass Parody by Hunter Mieritz Original “Life is a Highway” from CARS, Les Poissons From the Little Mermaid Meken Ashman…6/7 Red

I’m Still Standing From SING! Elton John/Bernie Taupin…6/7 Red and White

On the Good Ship, Lollipop From Bright Eyes Clare/ Whiting, Basketball Game Parody by Emily Montgomery Original “Cups Song”…6/7 White

March Gottlieb Turk…Lily T.-alto sax, Kiley-trumpet

Good Riddance Arr. Jacob Kavajecz…Senior Song

Snow White Fantasy Arr. Herfurth…HS Band

Cardinals Arr. Unknown YMCA Parody Written by Margaret Ostrenga…HS Band and 6/7/8 Choirs

MOANA (Highlights from the motion picture) Johhnie Vinson…6-12 Band