South Shore Sends Another Participant to the Border Battle


Brigid J. Ripley

Connor Sorenson goes up to hit the jumper. Edited by: Rylee Nicoletti

Rylee Nicoletti, Master of Marketing

On Feb. 14th, Connor Sorenson received a letter from his coach, Matt Bailey. This letter contained an invitation to the annual Border Battle at UMD. As you may know, last year South Shore sent Shauna Kavajecz to the border battle to represent Wisconsin, who ended up winning the game. Over the years former players including Megan Gustafson, Emily Gustafson, Alyssa Kavajecz, Janice Anderson, Blake Reijo, and Lindsey Olson have participated in this once-in-a-lifetime game. This year, Connor Sorenson will mark the sixth consecutive year one of our own South Shore Cardinals will make the cut.

The selection process is rather exclusive as they only take 10 players from across the state. It is also extremely hard to meet “requirements” so when a player is selected, you know that they have put in countless hours of work and deserve this opportunity. Connor’s coach along with community members and students are very proud of his accomplishments. Coach Bailey is honored to have two students earn 1,000 points, a rare event in addition to having a player be selected for the Border Battle game.¬† “I am excited for Connor to have this opportunity. He has worked hard to be considered one of the top players in the area and I know he will represent¬†our team and school extremely well.” And as for Sorenson, he is eager to play in March. “I am excited to represent the area and be able to play with other athletes.”

Stay tuned for more information on place and time. We hope to see everyone there to support Connor and all of the other amazing athletes participating in the competition!