Watersheds: Our Home, Our Water


Sophia Winge

Hayden Mieritz & Lillian Nollet proudly display their winning posters.

Austyn Lovejoy, Director of Design

There are many activities that can get student excited about topics. One such activity are contests and the Environmental Education in Wisconsin Group, a service of  Wisconsin’s Green Schools Network, has many contests throughout the year. This year South Shore students in grades 2 through 6 participated in the Bayfield County Conservation and Environmental Awareness poster making contest.  On Tuesday January 30, Melissa Kraft, Bayfield County Land and Water Conservation Department, came to the school to meet the students and give the winners their prizes. The student learned about watersheds. If you don’t know what a watershed is you’re not alone. I myself had to Google what one was. A watershed “is a ridge or area of land that separates waters flowing into different rivers,” (dictionary.com)  lakes, and other bodies of water. We live in a watershed, which is why it is so important for students all ages to be educated on how to protect their home and water supply.

I think it is great that children are learning about their environmental footprint and how to manage it. The contest was broken up into two different divisions. Second and 3rd grade made up one devision while 4th through 6th grade made up the second devision. Many congratulations to South Shore’s winers! The winners for the 2nd and 3rd grades were Trinity Maki (first), Madeline Purzner (second) and Gabby L’Heureux (third). Students drew inspiration from the world in which they live and Trinity was very proud of the fact that she created her poster all by herself. “[I had] no help. [I] drew my backyard.” Winner for the  4th -6th  grade were Hayden Mieritz (first), Wylder Moriarty (second) and Lillian Nollet (third). As one can imagine, posters for a contest are a big deal and quality work takes time. Hayden wanted to make sure his fish were perfect. “I couldn’t draw fish [I think it took] like 15 hours!”

All the hard work, time and effort were well worth it though!  First place winners received $15.00 Subway gift card, second $10.00 Subway gift card and third place a $5.00 gift card to Subway.  Yum! And of course, a contest wouldn’t be complete without a certificate that extols the the accomplishments of the artist.  Again, many congratulations to you all!