Curling? As a Class? Of Course!


Matt Bailey

The South Shore curlers make their way down the ice.

Rylee Nicoletti

Lifetime Sports. A class that combines physical education, schooling, and life skills. This class, taught by Mr. Bailey, participates in activities such as fishing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, curling, etc. These are sports that can be done throughout their lives, unlike your typical team sports. They also teach you how to work with others and communicate during activities unrelated to high school sports.

On Monday, Jan. 29th, the class made up of juniors and seniors, took a trip to the Duluth Curling Club to experience a sport unknown to them. In the club, they talked with members of the curling club and Dick Wicklund, who set the trip up. They taught them the basic technics of curling and how the game works. They also got to meet national champion, who is a current UMD student from Massachusetts. He was at the club training for a competition¬†in Sweden later this year. Connor Sorenson, a senior, was amazed by how good he really was. “It was crazy. He made it seem so easy, but it was actually super hard. He hit the target like every time.”

Again, these trips that teach students life skills and further their education at the same time are just one of the many positive aspects of South Shore. On behalf of the students, we would like to thank teachers and other members for the opportunity to experience and learn from these trips. Stay tuned into on Youtube for a video produced by Nathan Kavajecz.