Lookin’ Good!


Brigid. J. Ripley

TJ Rogers and Brendan Golly collaborated to give an old – but so useful! – table a new look.

Heather Ranta, Editor-in-Chief

The snacks at the school store are amazing, but the looks of the new metal table they received was not so amazing. The metal table was being used in the laundry room, for a reason.  No one could see it! Its metal frame is painted an institutional green and the top was scuffed up quite a bit. It was not a beautiful table.  Enter junior Brendan Golly, who readily agreed to fix the woes of manager TJ Rogers. “Brendan was the big time life saver.” TJ loves semi trucks, so he designed the table top with the help of Ms. Ripley, who followed his instructions – a red tractor, a blank canvas for the trailer and the school’s mascot with the words “South Shore School Store” on the trailer – to the letter. They wanted the table to have a wooden surface and a big semi truck right in the middle. Brendan used his superior carpentry skills to fix up the table. In less than 24 hours, the design, production and installation were complete.  The speed at which Golly worked impressed school store adviser Brigid J. Ripley.  “I couldn’t believe it. I was barely in the door and there was Brendan, new table top in hand, tools at the ready.  He had it bolted into place in about 30 seconds.  Incredible!”  TJ was very excited when he saw that it was done so soon and that it was so perfect. The school store now has a whole new look!

Perhaps at this point, you are wondering why the school store needed a new table?  Well, TJ is always thinking and improving upon any given situation.  It was difficult for him to position the old table into the space as a temporary counter for the school store as it didn’t have wheels.  He thought maybe some wheels could be added but when he was presented with a completely different table, he was happy to accept the donation as it was certainly an upgrade – at least in terms of utility! – to its more traditional predecessor.

Looking forward to seeing your new improvement, TJ!