NWMA Middle Level Conference Band


Nicole Kavajecz

Happy to be performing with other local students for the NWMA Music Competition. Isabella Caratzola, Jacob Nollet, Marisol Greene, Andi Riddle, Kiley Mueller, Leila Tuura, Veda Dreher, Natalie Golly & Paige Lahti

Searra Frostman , Assistant Director of Design

On Tuesday, January 9, 2018, selected middle school students of South Shore took a trip to Northwestern to compete in an all conference band. An all conference band means that the students were able to perform next to students that they will be playing in their sports conferences. This opportunity is unique to our area and is not exercised anywhere else.┬áThe nominated nine students were: Marisol Greene, Leila Tuura, Jacob Nollet, Veda Dreher, Natalie Golly, Isabella Caratzola, Andi Riddle, Paige Lahti and Kiley Mueller. Each student agreed that if given the opportunity they would in fact return. The students were given their music before they left for break on the 21st. They practiced individually and with their fellow students up until the day of the concert. When they arrived at Northwestern, they gathered in the auditorium to practice as a group. There were around 70 students gathered together to perform their pieces. The students practiced together from 10a.m. to about 4p.m. They were conducted by Steven Boyd, a former band director retired from Ironwood after 31 years of teaching. The pieces that were preformed at the concert were: South African Suite: I. Introduction+Vula Botha III. N’Kosi Sikelel I Africa, The Florence Fayre, Can-Can From Orpheus, and Weirdsville.