Elementary Christmas


Where will the go? Mrs. McKnight helps plan out where they will put their decorations. Idella Wilcox, Mrs. Margaret McKnight, Tucker Mueller, Allyson Golly, King Price and their classmates.

Myla Lahti, Director of Social Media

Schooooool’s Out for the…well, break anyway!  On December 21st, the last day before winter break, the entire school was busy celebrating the time off.  While the high school was playing games the elementary was getting crafty making ornaments for the birds.  Those ornaments, which included popcorn strings, plain popcorn to put on the ground and 3-D shapes of the children’s choosing, would eventually make their way outside to the outdoor classroom.  It was tough to wait from the morning production time to an afternoon installation.  Once they finished eating lunch, each class was able to go out to the outdoor classroom and place their handmade ornaments on trees or wherever they would like.

The cold posed no problem for the well intentioned students who were excited to share their creations with the local wildlife.  After hanging and placing their decorations, each class was allowed some time to play for a little while before a special visitor came.

Santa Claus came jingling his bells, was greeted with ceremony.  The plan was for him to read a story in the big chair that is in the middle of the classroom but unfortunately, the young students ran out of outdoor time and had to come in to watch a movie.  According to Mason Lahti, his favorite part of the day was “painting my fingers” for his ornaments. Elijah Ciembronowicz’s favorite part of the day was “seeing Santa.” Rhyah Ray thought her favorite part was “making the gingerbread ornaments for my tree.”

As is always the case, the fun must eventually come to an end.  When the movie credits rolling and the bell tolling, it was time to cease the festivities and start the winter break!