Butternut has been Squashed


Tristin Wilcox boxes out a Midget to get the rebound.

Heather Ranta, Editor-in-Chief

On January 8th, the Cardinals hosted a boys basketball game against the Butternut Midgets. The Cardinals played an outstanding game. They were off to a great start, but an even better ending. They held the Midgets to only nine points in the second half. The final score was 64-26. The Cardinals played so well because they played as a team. Every player on the Cardinal team had time on the court. Not only did every player have playing time, but almost every person scored points. Out of the nine players on the varsity team, only three of them did not score. Dallas Williams was the leading scorer from the Cardinals with 17 points. Even though some of the players did not score, they all contributed to the team’s win. Every player on the team had at least one rebound. Douglas Hipsher lead the Cardinals with nine rebounds. The Cardinals did an amazing job at passing the ball to get a better shot.

Only three days before, on the 5th, the Cardinal girls also hosted the Butternut Midgets and won by almost 20 points.  Both teams did a very good job. Thank you to all of the fans who came to show their support. The support means a lot to the players!