Cardinals Defeat #1 Team in Conference!


Morgan Rock

Tristin Wilcox flies above defenders for the easy lay-up.

Morgan Rock, Director of Internal Communications

The South Shore boys’ high school basketball team has proven so far this season, that they are indeed a force with which to be reckoned. The boys now have six total games under their belt. Their overall record is now 4-2 and 3-1 in the conference. Three teams are ultimately tied in the conference right now: Solon Springs, South Shore, and Ironwood. It is important to note that the Cardinals are placed second to the Eagles based on other wins.  On Monday, December 18th, with home court advantage, the boys had their first of two season match-ups against the Eagles from Solon Springs.

The Cardinals hosted the Eagles with both teams fighting for the chance to take the top spot in the conference. The junior varsity team put up a good fight but came up short, losing by a mere four points. The varsity team started the first half off great. Hitting some spot on three-pointers, the Cardinals were on fire. With nearly five minutes left, the Cardinals were up by five points, 17-12. They went on a run for the rest of the half and ended it with a strong, convincing lead: 28-15.  In those five minutes, Cardinal defense kept the Eagles to a humble three points.

The Cardinals had to continue their aggressive defense and solid offense in the second half to maintain their amazing lead. The Cardinals came out even stronger. They went on a six-point run in just over a minute. The score was now 34-15. The Eagles, however, weren’t to be denied and fought a little harder, making some tough shots. Despite this, the Cardinals still remained on top. With about 13 minutes left, the score was now 39-24, a bit closer. The two teams kept fighting, but the Cardinals kept their lead and with just 7:21 on the clock, the score was 52-33. With about four minutes left in the second half, the score went up to 61-38. The Eagles were unable to pull ahead as the Cardinals sealed the deal, ending the game with a score of 65-43.

The Cardinals showed how strong of a team they have this year. Certainly, other teams in the conference can now officially be worried.  The Cardinals are soaring towards that number one spot in the conference. The top scorers of the night were very even as it was a team effort. Three players tied for the top: Connor Sorenson, Tristin Wilcox and Doug Hispher; each athlete had 15 points to their name. Dallas Williams, a senior, was just behind them with 14 points. Bjorn Branham had 4 points and Hunter Schierman had 2 points. Congrats boys and good luck with the rest of your season!