It’s in Your Blood to Help Save a Life


Heather Ranta

Austin Tetting doing his part and saving lives.

Heather Ranta, Editor-in-Chief

The Memorial Blood Center comes to South Shore three times every year. At South Shore the blood drives are organized by the students in National Honor Society. There are many people in the community who love to give blood to save lives. There are other people who give blood just to get the snacks afterwards, which it totally awesome too, but that’s why this year’s slogan is  “It’s More than Just Cookies.” Yes, the cookies are delicious, but giving blood is a very important part of saving lives. This year’s December blood drive had almost all of the time slots filled. Sadly, there were a few people who had to cancel because of an illness, but that is what the change of season does to people.

In order for all of the time slots to be filled, the National Honor Society (NHS) members had to take time and ask community members to donate. So far this year there are only three NHS members. The NHS induction ceremony, which accepts new members, is in February. When more people are accepted into NHS it will be easier to find people to donate. Hopefully after the induction ceremony, the list of names will get so full that it will not have too much of an impact if a few people have to cancel.

On December 11th, the South Shore National Honor Society sponsored the second blood drive of the year for Memorial Blood Centers. The blood drive was held from 10:00-1:00. There were 15 units of blood collected from this blood drive. The blood donated will potentially be used to save 45 lives. The December blood drive collected less units than the previous drive. The October blood drive held at South Shore collected 17 units of blood. The 17 units can potentially save 51 lives. Hopefully it will not have to be used, but sadly bad things do happen. South Shore’s National Honor Society thanks everyone who is willing to donate their time and blood to save a life. It really does make a difference.

The next blood drive at South Shore will be held on March 16th. Let’s try to collect at least 19 units. The most units collected in the past few of years has been 18 units, so a great goal to get would be 19 units. Help South Shore achieve their goal of 19 units by signing up to donate blood. To sign up for the blood drive you can contact Heather Ranta, Jodi Truchon, or the high school office.

Heather Ranta: [email protected]

Jodi Truchon: [email protected]

Phone: 715-774-3500 ext. 617

High school office: 715-774-3500