Wisconsin Business Skills Competition


Rylee Nicoletti

Brooke Beede works on her Microsoft Word assignment for her class with instructor, Brigid J. Ripley.

Rylee Nicoletti, Master of Marketing

On Wednesday, Dec. 6th, the girls from Desktop Publishing and Microsoft Word/Excel classes took a long journey – they left at 6:30 a.m. – down to Rice Lake.  In Rice Lake, they arrived at WITC to compete in various business competitions. These competitions included Desktop Publishing, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Keyboarding, job interviews and much more. The girls each participated in their own competitions throughout the morning.

Brooke Beede participated in Word along with Myla Lahti. Rylee Nicoletti competed in the Desktop Publishing portion along with the keyboarding. Aurora Grant participated in just Desktop Publishing.  Austyn Lovejoy chose the challenge of completing a job interview, earning extra points for arriving in business attire. Morgan Rock took part in Desktop Publishing, Excel and Powerpoint. Out of these, her favorite was Powerpoint. “It made me realize a lot of aspects of Powerpoint that I do not normally use. It also helped me to work on getting done in a more efficient, timely manner.”

In the 21st century, these computer skills are needed in the workplace. When talking to a medical assistant professor from WITC, she had stated that the skills the students competed in are being used more and more in classes and in workplaces. The students are very grateful to have this opportunity to participate and learn more about these valuable skills.