Girl’s Find Success in Scrimmage

Rylee Nicoletti, Master of Marketing

On Nov. 14th, the girl’s basketball team traveled over to Washburn to take on the mighty Mellen Granite-Diggers and the Washburn Castleguards. This was the first game situation the girls had seen since their summer league games. This was not an official game though. Scrimmages are used to create a “game” to see the teams’ progress. This includes running through plays, evaluating players & scouting the competition. Due to WIAA rules, scores for scrimmages are not to be kept so consequently, there were no winners or losers.

First, the team faced Mellen on the court. Each scrimmage was 45 minutes long and was split between the two different levels. The first 15 minutes of the scrimmage were dedicated to the JV squad and the second 3o minutes were reserved for varsity. After being exhausted from the first scrimmage, the girls stayed on the court and played the Castlegaurds. Both of the games went very well for the girls. They were able to work on their plays against a team that lacks knowledge of the plays being run. Coach Tiberg was very proud of how the girls performed and he was able to see the minor quirks that needed to be worked on. “People you are scrimmaging do not know the plays. This way you get to see the honest and true play.”

Overall, scrimmages are a great way to practice with your team. You are able to experience situations that are not able to be replicated in practice. In doing this, you find minor details that should be fixed. These games will benefit the girls starting the season and eventually, throughout it. The team travels to Lake Holcombe on Monday, Nov. 20th for their first regular season game. We hope to see you there and at future winter sporting events!