SSHS’s Haunted Hallways

Morgan Rock, Director of Internal Communications

Halloween is a joyous time of year for people of all ages. The young children get to dress as their favorite superheroes and princesses. They also get to stroll the streets in search of candy at every doorstep. The teenagers can either trick or treat or have a wonderful excuse to buy candy and watch horror movies all night long. Finally, the adults get to accompany their young children as they experience a wonderful holiday. Here at South Shore School, we love to celebrate Halloween!

This year the Student Council planned for the high school to decorate their very own haunted hallways. First, to start the Halloween fun, was the costume contest. Any student or staff member could come to school in their best costume, and after lunch, the top five contestants would win a prize. The middle school and high school had their judging separate. The high school winners in 5th place and 4th place were Aurora Grant & Austyn Lovejoy as Thing 1 and Thing 2. In 3rd place was Singe Branham as a skeleton and in 2nd place was Morgan Rock as a deranged patient. Finally, in 1st place was T.J. Rogers as a semi-truck driver replete with music! Each winner got to pick out packages of candy from a bag.

Next up was the haunted halls. From the freshmen all the way up to the seniors, each class got to decorate a hallway or room. Each class was assigned their very own theme. Freshmen got haunted farm, sophomores had a ghostly graveyard, juniors got haunted asylum, and the seniors got a spooky forest. The students had from 12:55 p.m. until 2:00 p.m. to decorate. Next, the judges went through each classes’ area to try and pick the top two. After the judges, the elementary students who were brave enough went through the halls. Some were scared immediately, and others thought it wasn’t scary enough. Once the elementary was done, each class got a chance to experience the other classes’ areas. At around 2:45, the judges called all the classes out to the commons. They then announced the top two classes, with the seniors in second place with their spooky forest, and in the first place the juniors with a haunted asylum. Both classes got candy prizes. To wrap up the day, the high school students then had to clean their area and head on home.

While the high schoolers were placing fright into as many victims as possible, the middle school had a different idea. They organized a fun Halloween carnival for the students who did not wish to be frightened. They had many games including ring toss, pumpkin corn-hole, and fishing for candy. If you won the game, you got to choose from a selection of candy to take home with you. Overall, the day was a blast and every student had lots of fun! Hope you enjoyed this Halloween, and stay tuned for more holiday updates as Thanksgiving is arriving!