The Great Life of Diego Rivera


Brigid J. Ripley

Douglas Hipsher & Dante Ray help out the janitors & Ms. Ripley with hanging the murals by the famous Diego Rivera.

Myla Lahti and Rylee Nicoletti

Currently, in the hallway by the Spanish room, there are three murals painted by world-famous Mexican artist Diego Rivera.  The replications of the murals are part of a traveling exhibit made available by Teacher’s Discovery.

Diego Rivera was born December 8, 1886, in Guanajuato, Mexico. He was into art and paintings when he was a young boy. At the age of 10, he went to San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts in Mexico City. He traveled to Europe to continue his art career. He had some success being a Cubist artist in Europe but the world events changed his style of work. After the Mexican and Russian Revolution, he decided that his work would reflect the working people and the Native people of Mexico. During a trip to Italy, he decided that he was going to create murals. In 1922, Diego had completed a portion of murals of  Mexico history and the people within the city on famous buildings. He completed the first portion of them at Escuela Nacional Preparatoria which is located in Mexico City.

He married a fellow artist named Frida Kahlo in 1920. He created many murals in the United States in the 1930’s-40’s. During the late 30’s, he went through a very slow period of work. Unfortunately, Diego Rivera passed away of heart failure on November 24, 1957, in Mexico City.

He is still remembered as an important figure in the 20th-century art. His childhood home is now a famous museum in Mexico. They even created a movie about Diego called Cradle Will Rock.  He is a great artist who will go down in history for the profound impact he had on the portrayal of life and social struggles through art and murals.

The murals will be at the school until Friday, November 3rd so make sure to come check them out!