The Last Volley


Heather Ranta

Heather Ranta, Sophia Winge, Lizzy Kobie, Signe Branham, Sara Kangas, Tiiara Lahti, Rylee Nicoletti, Aurora Grant, Brooke Beede, Saya Kangas, Myla Lahti, Lilly Tapani, Morgan Rock, and Austyn Lovejoy. Not Pictured: Coaches Jodi Truchon & Darla Lahti.

Morgan Rock, Director of Internal Communications

Fall is wrapping up very soon in Northern Wisconsin! With that being said, it means the end of fall sports here at South Shore School. Middle School girls’ basketball, high school boys soccer, cross country, and volleyball all ended recently. Most teams decide to have one last fun practice to wrap the season up. The volleyball girls had a different idea for their final volleyball get together.

On Wednesday, October 25th, the high school girls’ volleyball team decided to head to Ashland for their last hoorah. First, they made reservations at one of the best restaurants in Ashland, El Dorado. The team all ordered virgin daiquiris and enjoyed the sugary and colorful drinks. Next, they ordered various meals. Signe Branham, a senior, ordered a fajita. When she got her meal it was steaming so hot you could still hear it sizzling in the pan. Heather Ranta got an extra treat from the restaurant since it was her 18th birthday. The staff brought her a red large dazzling sombrero¬†and sang a birthday song to her in Spanish. Once they were done she got to enjoy her very own free dessert! Overall, the food was very delicious and the team would like to thank El Dorado for their great service and food!

Once their bellies were full, the team headed over to Northland College. Here they were graciously given free admission from Northland College to their volleyball game. The LumberJills were going up against the UWS Yellow Jackets. The game started at 7:00 p.m. The team was very excited to watch some great matches and hopefully even learn a few things! The whole game was very exciting with the set wins going back and forth. The game ended up going to all five sets! The last match was thrilling as every point mattered since the game only went to 15 points. When it looked like Northland College was about to win, they just barely lost a few volleys and the UWS Yellow Jackets took the win. Despite the loss, the game was very fun and a great learning experience for the team. Thank you to Northland College for being so kind to the team and good luck on the rest of your season!