3rd & 4th Grade Earn a Pajama Day!


Myla Lahti

Gabby L’Heurex, Sophie Truchon, Ayden Zenz, Sylas Jardine, Mrs. Suo, Maddie Purzner, Dexton Wilcox, Dontae Pattee, Hayden Meritz, Richard Caratzola, Alexys Wehrman, Adeline Lafonteaine, Julian Wade, Erica Johnson, Marcus Kane, Brooklyn Lehto, Trinity Maki, Lillian Nollett, Addison Wehrman, Chalee Luzzatto.

Morgan Rock, Director of Internal Communications

School is a great place to learn and establish new life skills. The 3rd and 4th grade is prime time for students to be learning the ways of the world. While learning basic skills such as reading, multiplication, U.S. History, etc., students also learn how to learn life skills – how to treat others, control themselves, and overall behave well.

To help promote this good behavior, their teacher, Mrs. Suo, came up with the perfect idea. The students could earn “student points” every time they presented good behavior. Some ways they could achieve a student point was by being quiet in the hallway, having self-control, being kind to others, or answering questions correctly. The students had to earn a total of 50 points in order to have their very own “reward day.” The students came up with different ideas and then had to vote on their favorite.

This Thursday, October 19th, the students finally earned their first reward day. They picked a pajama day! Each student wore their favorite cozy pajamas and also got to bring their own stuffed animal! Overall the reward day was a great success and the students are already working on getting their next 50 points! Good luck 3rd and 4th graders!