Apple Crunch


Myla Lahti

Pre K-6th grade munching on their apples.

Myla Lahti, Director of Social Media

On October 12, the elementary took part in the Great Lakes Apple Crunch Day. Great Lakes Apple Crunch Day is a movement to celebrate National Farm to School Month.  Any K-12 school, hospital, child care center, college, or other organization across Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana and Ohio were welcome to participate. At noon on the 12th, each student took a bite of a locally grown apple. At South Shore, they only had to travel to their backyard: all apples were picked from the orchard.

South Shore was one of the 1,455,160 “crunchers”  throughout the Great Lakes region. In Wisconsin, there were 260,418 children who participated in 1,000 different locations. October is farm to school month. Ms. Moe gets an email from a farm to school program that made her interested in doing this event. She was the one who organized the students and the apples.