Ads Sales!

Rylee Nicoletti

On October 10th, the South Shore yearbook class took a trip to Ashland, Cornucopia, and Washburn to sell ads for their yearbook. The day was quite a successful one.  They came out with checks in hand and business cards ready to be scanned! According to Heather Ranta, Editor-In-Cheif, “It was very successful and we sold a lot of ads!”

Ads are a crucial part of the yearbook. The class has no budget at all. They start with 200 blank pages and $0 in their bank account. The money in the account goes to ordering the yearbooks and making them available. In order to make the yearbooks more affordable for the students, staff, and community, as many ads as possible need to be sold. When purchased from the company, each yearbook costs around $60. South Shore sells them for the shockingly low price of $40! That is an amazing deal, and it is all thanks to our sponsors. Last year, the team did not quite make their goal and were not able to order and sell as many yearbooks as they would have liked to. They need your help this year to meet their goal!

The ads are used in a bunch of different publications such as the POCOHO, the 2018-19 sports programs, and in the back of the yearbook. They are $50 dollars a piece and are the size of a business card.

If you are interested in purchasing an ad or learning more information, you may contact the Master of Marketing, Rylee Nicoletti at [email protected]. We would like to say thank you to all previous sponsors and all new ones to come!