Two Wins Ending in a Intense Battle For SSHS VB


Brigid J. Ripley

Varsity teammates Rylee Nicoletti, Morgan Rock, Heather Ranta, Myla Lahti, and Aurora Grant cheer after a block.

Morgan Rock, Director of Internal Communications

Maintaining sports, school, work, and a social life is a norm for most students at South Shore. A majority of high school students play sports and juggle school work. Late night arrivals at home followed by a lack of sleep and fighting off fatigue is not an uncommon feeling among student athletes. At the same time, they manage their homework and social life. Games, although exhilarating and fun, can cause some exhausted children. In fact, the South Shore girls’ high school volleyball team played a total of three games in just this week. The week started off Monday with back-to-back games with the team traveling first to Solon Springs followed by Winter.

On Monday, Sep. 25th, the team traveled to Solon Springs for their first match of the week. The team arrived eager and ready to win after some tough losses the week before. They even got themselves motivated by singing some of their favorite pre-game songs like “There Was a Great Big Moose” complete with dance moves! Another favorite is their “I Believe” chant. The night began with the JV match-up. In the first set, the Cardinals dominated the court with a score of 25-12. Ending the game in just two sets, they crushed the Eagles 25-11. After a solid JV win next up was the varsity game. The varsity team started the first set strongly, holding the Eagles to only 15 points. The next set was even better with a score of 25-13, leaving the Eagles with little to no hope for the third set. The Eagles put up a good fight in the third set, but the Cardinals persevered and finished the game with a set win of 25-20 and an overall game win.

After one win the Cardinals had to recuperate for yet another away game. On Tuesday, Sep. 26th, the Cardinals traveled nearly two hours – one way! – to play the Winter Warriors. The Cardinals came prepared to come out victorious. The Warriors were a step-up from the Eagles and was a more difficult battle. The JV team, however, faced little competition and dominated their game. JV won in just two sets, both times keeping the Warriors to single digits.  Both games ended with a score of 25-7. Still a little groggy from the long bus ride, the varsity Cardinals just barely lost the first set 20-25. Determined to show their true colors the Cardinals swept the floor with the Warriors winning the second set 25-8. Needing to win at least two more sets for an overall win, the team had the same mentality in the third set. They took another easy win 25-13. The fourth set was quite the battle, for the Winter Warriors were not ready for the game to be over. The Warriors fought hard to keep up with the Cardinals but lost 25-23, after they served out of bounds. Ironically, the ball even bounced off the wall and right into a trash can to seal the fate of the Warriors. With that, the Cardinals went home with back to back wins.

Thursday, Sep. 28th in Bayfield was their last game of the week. This game was a bit closer to home and against a team they have seen once already this year. The Cardinals played the Trollers in a scrimmage during the pre-season at home.  The Cardinals took a definite win, sweeping the Trollers in just three swift sets. Ready to beat them yet again, they headed to the Troller’s home court this time. The JV team purely dominated the court winning 25-15 in the first set and 25-20 in the second set, ending the game. Next up was the varsity team. As they took the floor for warmups, the Cardinals kept in mind the very low ceiling they would have to overcome that night. With the first set underway, the Cardinals were owning the court as the ceiling seemed to phase the Bayfield team more than their opponents. The Cardinals won that first set 25-17. In the second set, the Cardinals battled with the Trollers, eeked out a win, 25-21. The third set ended up being the most exciting one yet. The Cardinals had the lead for most of the set. Some errors, however, led to the Trollers catching up, making for a very close game. With the score going past the normal 25 set point, the points kept going back and forth between both teams because the victor must win by at least two points. With the gym roaring with fans and cheers for the teams, the intensity ramped up the determination to win. With some missed serves in the most cut-throat moments, the Cardinals just barely took a loss on the set 27-29. The fourth set was rough and the Cardinals felt the pressure coming down on them. Falling behind and having to constantly catch up, they couldn’t pull out the win, giving up the fourth set 22-25. The fifth and final set was next. The Cardinals had won the serve on the coin flip; both teams were to stay on their side. Rules demand that if the game goes the complete five sets, the game will be decided up to 15 points. Unfortunately, the Cardinals missed their serve right away, losing the advantage. They also had a hard time receiving some serves and dug a hole nearly 6 points behind at one point. However, the Cardinals did get the ball back and Sophia Winge, a junior, served the team back up to 10 points giving the team a better chance. Unfortunately, with some miscommunication, the Cardinals lost the fifth set 15-11. Although the team went home with a loss, the game only went to show how much the Cardinals have grown and just how hard they can fight. With little time to spare, the Cardinals are back to practice this Friday and preparing for yet another tough game against the Washburn Castleguards.

With little time to spare, the Cardinals are back to practice this Friday and preparing for yet another tough game against the Washburn Castleguards on Monday, October 2nd. The game will be in Washburn and is only about 45 minutes from our school. If you have the time, the team would love for anyone to come to the game in Washburn and show your support! The junior varsity game will start at 5:45 pm with the varsity game following around 7:00 pm. Go Big Red!