Bucky Jardine, Wall of Famer

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Steve Kavajecz
February 3, 2020

Austyn Lovejoy

Bucky Jardine is a 1950 South Shore graduate. He is featured on the South Shore Wall of Fame.

Wall of fame honorees, we see their pictures on the wall every time we walk down the hall.  Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why are they up there? What did they do that was worthy of the honor and landing them on the wall of fame at South Shore? Well, I did and while waitressing at a local cafe I have had the privilege to get to know a few of the people up on the wall. So I decided to try and answer those questions, starting with South Shore Wall of Fame honoree Kenneth “Bucky” Jardine who I see on a regular basis.

On Wednesday, I sat down with Bucky Jardine to dig a little deeper into the amazing things he has done with his life. In his early years, Bucky was a dedicated student and amazing athlete.“I loved school. [South Shore had] excellent teachers and great coaches.” He played many sports including basketball, Bucky’s team won the first basketball trophy in South Shore history with a 50-43 win against the Shell Lake Lakers. He scored a total of 30 points with 13 field goals and 4 free throws. Bucky also participated in track, he is a state champion in the 100 and 200-yard dash. Even with the tight schedule between sports and school, Bucky still found time to have fun. He told me about one Halloween when he and a few friends climbed up to the top of the old school and tied a rope to the bell. They then proceeded to walk about a block and a half back and ring the bell. When the police showed up, Bucky and this partners in crime watched the lights turn on up the stairs. When the police found no one at the top they left. Once they saw all the lights shut off they rang the bell again. The gang got a good laugh watching the light flick back on as the police ran back up the stairs. He also told me about the time that he and a couple guys took an outhouse from the marina and placed it on their teacher’s porch. Bucky said that the teacher knew who did it right away. The teacher made Bucky and the boys carry the outhouse all the way back to the marina.

At the young age of 17, Bucky was offered a contract to play outfield with the Indians, Sox and Browns. Given that he was still a minor, his parents were reluctant to allow him to sign with a professional team, preferring that he first get a college education. Bucky attended the University of Wisconsin Superior and majored in biology with an emphasis on education. For Bucky, college was the complete experience. In addition to his academic requirements, Bucky continued to excel in sports, participating in Yellowjacket football, baseball, basketball and track. Fast forward four years and Bucky earned his BS in Biology and had lettered 14 times. Although Bucky accomplished so much in his young life, he says his real claim to fame was in 1958 during a baseball tournament when he hit a home run out of Milwaukee County Stadium, which is where the Brewers used to play before moving to Miller stadium in 2001.

After college, Bucky went on to teach biology at Superior High School. He said that teaching was his biggest accomplishment. He was also awarded teacher of the year. While teaching, he found time to raise six children. Bucky’s believes that learning should be fun and learning can’t be if a teacher is cranky “I retired when I started to get grouchy when the kids did something I use to laugh at.” He retired from Superior High School after 32 years of teaching.

After retiring from teaching, Bucky joined the county board for 20 years. He also had “Bucky Ball” a basketball program at South Shore on Wednesday nights to get the kids floor time. “Bucky Ball” lasted for 16 years. Bucky also found time to be a part of the school board for 12 years. He volunteers at the local fish boil every year. Bucky has been at every fish boil since the first one 60 years ago. ” The first fish boil was a bunch of guys smoking fish and drinking.” That group of guys created what we have come to know as the Port Wing Fish Boil. As his life progresses, Bucky hasn’t been able to slow down even a little with 25 grandchildren and 30 great-grandchildren. Bucky and his wife still live in Port Wing.