South Shore Welcomes New Art Teacher!


Morgan Rock

Jamie Nicoletti, Heather Ranta, Ms.Granke, Brooke Beede, Sophia Winge & Adrianna Nicholson give the camera their best pose for a group photo.

Morgan Rock, Director of Internal Communications

This fall at South Shore School, there have already been plenty of changes. Many classrooms have been upgraded with the addition of new furniture, the English department received new books with hard covers and the electrical was brought up-to-date with an installation in most classrooms of suspended extension cords. There are over 12 new students who came to South Shore this school year. Along with all these changes, South Shore hired a new art teacher.

Stephanie Granke came to South Shore for her first ever year of teaching. She is a fresh-out-of-college graduate. Ms. Granke went to UW-Stout where she took multiple classes and was also part of their cross-country and track team. Ms. Granke lives in Duluth, MN making it quite the drive for her. Although Ms. Granke has experience in sports as well, she is only interested in teaching art for now. The main reasons motivating this decision are her responsibilities at home – mainly that she owns horses and dogs which require a big time commitment. Ms. Granke is still adjusting to the ways of life at South Shore and is still determining what big projects are up next. For now, the high school art classes are quite busy planning and designing art projects for around the school. Ryan Tiberg, the Atheltic Director, has given Granke’s class permission to paint around the school in some areas. They hope to create some new designs for the weight room and the track shed. Currently, in class, the students are working on creating their own blankets and possibly learning to stain glass. “I like Ms.Granke a lot. I really believe she will bring great things to South Shore” said Sophia Winge, a junior.

We all welcome Ms. Granke to South Shore and cannot wait to see what she and her art classes will accomplish!