New Year, New Social Media


Rylee Nicoletti, Master of Marketing

Social media is becoming a bigger and bigger influence in everyone’s everyday life. It is rapidly replacing newspapers, books, and magazines. It is a fast, effective way to disseminate news to a mass population with little effort & that is why the South Shore Student Press made it a goal for the 2017-18 school year to increase their media platform. This year they have added a Facebook page & YouTube page in addition to the already established Instagram and POCOHO.

The Director of Social Media, Myla Lahti, is super excited to have these new additions. “I find it exciting that we are able to express what the school is like using different forms of social media. I like how all people know what’s going on.”

On YouTube, the team will be posting every two weeks. Each week, they will have a new topic or game. Be sure to check out this week, which is a video introducing the Pink Out concept and line-up. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to contact any of the staff.

On Facebook, every week there will be videos of events throughout the week, and photo albums of games, events, etc. Having Facebook makes content easier to access and it is available to more people.

Overall, the new social media additions will be a great way to share visuals and keep people in the district up-to-date. As you may have seen, the feature image is a QR code. This can be scanned by any phone with a QR code reader. After it is scanned, it will send you to a link which has all our social media platforms. The South Shore Student Press hopes you will subscribe and follow all of the pages and keep up with the news around South Shore!