Yearbooks Arriving Soon, Get Yours Before They’re Sold Out!!!!


Morgan Rock, Reporter

Although school can drag on, be tiring, and at times stressful, everyone enjoys seeing an overview of the year and the fun that did take place. This 2016-17 yearbook staff lost and gained quite a few members. The yearbook staff that graduated was Casey Nicoletti, Emma Winge, Cole Lovejoy, Kellie Rock, Caitlyn Thompson, Morgan Sorenson, Tianna Carpenter, & Cassy Lind. The only member that remained is the now senior, Crystal Stewart. The new members were Rachael Teeter, Heather Ranta, Signe Branham, Rylee Nicoletti, & Morgan Rock. They all went through a design course in the beginning of the year to get prepared to make the yearbook look it’s best. They decided the theme for this year would be, “Make Your Mark”. To follow this theme, the yearbook has gray signatures all over the cover from the students letting them “make their mark” on the yearbook.

Quite a few differences were made to this yearbook compared to last years’. Last years’ book had only 191 pages, this year has 212! This year we also had some specialty pages towards the end of the book. These pages consist of all of the top trends and celebrities of 2016! The pages are pre-designed and an add-on. This way when you are much older, you can look back on what was going in 2016 around the world.

Most yearbook staff at schools are given a budget or fund in the beginning of the year, to help with sales and purchases. However, since our yearbook team is considered a club, the school does not provide any funding. The staff has to go around the area attempting to sell ads to different businesses and companies. This is how we pay for our yearbooks. The team raised $2,300 in just ads this year. This amount could only purchase 40 yearbooks though. They’re already 26 yearbooks sold! Yearbooks can be purchased at any time for only $60! You can contact any of the yearbook staff, the office, or the B.E. teacher Ms. Ripley to purchase one. THERE ARE ONLY 14 YEARBOOKS LEFT! So hurry now and buy one! The staff worked extra hard this year, so reward them by buying a yearbook that you can keep and look back on for the rest of your life.

Thank you, everyone, for your constant support and cooperation in the making of the yearbook!