We need your cans!


Rylee Nicoletti

Preparing for a fundraiser, sophomore Morgan Rock paints a sign to make the can recycling bin more noticeable.

Rylee Nicoletti

The Class of 2019 is collecting cans to raise money for their senior trip, prom, senior banquet, etc. They have sold t-shirts in the past and still have them up for sale. Now, they have moved on. They would like to give big thanks to their supporters in the past and Darla Lahti & Kenneth Maki for helping them get this going!

If you are wanting to help support their class, the drop station is located at the school under the shed by the ice rink. There is a big sign one the bin they will be placed in. This is open 24/7 so feel free to drop them off whenever you can. If you are not able to make it to the station, we might be able to come to you. We have students on both ends of the district who are willing to accommodate your needs. Though make sure that they are aluminum such as soda cans and not tin, like soup cans. For students and staff in the school, there is a can recycling bin located outside of the band room. All of the cans placed in this bin will be recycled for the 10th grade.

The whole entire 10th grade and their mentors would like to thank everyone in the past who has helped them and anyone who is helping them today! Make sure to save your cans! Contact

[email protected] for more information or can pick-ups on the Herbster/Cornucopia side

[email protected] for can pick-ups on the Iron River/Oulu side