That’s One For The Books!


Alexis Holden, Ezekiel Fish, Thomas Shamla (Cathedral) & Lillian Tapani, Matthew Montgomery, Jacob Winge, Sierra Butler, Natalie Knaack, Alyssa Kobie, Taylor Nicoletti & Chloe Sipsas (South Shore) are happy to display the books they wrote for a good cause!

Addie Poskozim, Contributor


Everyone likes books! So teachers in Cathedral School and South Shore went the extra mile to bring books created by their students to children in Honduras, a country in South America. Seventh graders at Cathedral School in Superior, WI joined together – digitally! – with South Shore School in Port Wing, WI to create books for Honduras. A volunteer community member in Port Wing was heading to Honduras, and with a little communication, the English teacher from Cathedral, Ms. Ripley, and the Spanish teacher and assistant-principal, Mrs. Ripley (her mother), decided to make books for the school kids in Honduras. The students were paired up, and communicated through Kidblog, and although there were a few technical difficulties initially, we worked through them! Kids then went to StoryJumper , where they were able to work together to create a book, and print it out for a small fee. The books made it safely to Honduras, where the kids loved them!  On becoming a published author, “…When we were writing the books I felt warm and kind inside… I like the idea that my friends and I are authors” – A student from Cathedral School.