That’s One For The Books!


Alexis Holden, Ezekiel Fish, Thomas Shamla (Cathedral) & Lillian Tapani, Matthew Montgomery, Jacob Winge, Sierra Butler, Natalie Knaack, Alyssa Kobie, Taylor Nicoletti & Chloe Sipsas (South Shore) are happy to display the books they wrote for a good cause!

Addie Poskozim , Contributor


Everyone likes books! So teachers in Cathedral School and South Shore went the extra mile to bring books created by their students to children in Honduras, a country in South America. Seventh graders at Cathedral School in Superior, WI joined together – digitally! – with South Shore School in Port Wing, WI to create books for Honduras. A volunteer community member in Port Wing was heading to Honduras, and with a little communication, the English teacher from Cathedral, Ms. Ripley, and the Spanish teacher and assistant-principal, Mrs. Ripley (her mother), decided to make books for the school kids in Honduras. The students were paired up, and communicated through Kidblog, and although there were a few technical difficulties initially, we worked through them! Kids then went to StoryJumper , where they were able to work together to create a book, and print it out for a small fee. The books made it safely to Honduras, where the kids loved them!  On becoming a published author, “…When we were writing the books I felt warm and kind inside… I like the idea that my friends and I are authors” – A student from Cathedral School.