MS Volleyball Parents Night

Rylee Nicoletti

On Feb. 20th, the middle school volleyball teams played their last home game of the season. They played the Ashland 7th and 8th grade team that night and took home two wins. This was also their parents night.

The team has overall had a good season. The weekend before they had their home tournament and took home third place. It was a rough fight for the team, two girls, Natalie Golly and Abigail Lahti, had to play in the 7th grade bracket and then go play the 8th grade bracket. “It was hard when we finished a game and had to run back to play in the next one and we only got like two breaks.” The 7th grade team did take home a first place for the day. Overall the tournament went very smoothly.

We would like to thank everyone who volunteered to help and who came to support. The girls played great and we can’t wait to watch them continue their season!