National Honors Society Induction Ceremony


Rylee Nicoletti

Back Row: Connor Sorenson, Signe Branham, Hayden Suo and Roger Branham. Front Row: Rachael Teeter, Emma Ostrenga, Shauna Kavajecz and Heather Ranta.

The National Honors society is a well-established organization that recognizes high-school students for achievement in four areas: Scholarship, character, leadership and service. On February 22, 2017, the organization acquired four new members: Signe Branham, Shauna Kavajecz, Heather Ranta and Connor Sorenson. This talented young group of students gathered in the South Shore high school library for the ceremony along with family, friends and other NHS members. To be eligible for a position in the National Honors Society one must have a GPA of at least 3.0 and be an upperclassmen.

Both new inductees and current members of the National Honors Society participated in the ceremony, which is fitting for the overall idea that is NHS. These students are involved in their school and take responsibility for their studies.

A National Honors Society ceremony would be incomplete without candles. This commemoration for the new inductees was no exception. Each student lit one of the candles resting on the NHS candleholder. Light flickered across smiling faces as councilor Jody Truchon handed over certificates. “It felt good knowing that I had achieved something that has this much significance,” said junior Heather Ranta.

Cake and punch wrapped up the end of the ceremony. Its sweet taste mirrored the feeling that filled the atmosphere of the room. Parents were proud and students were excited. Being inducted into the National Honors Society is a significant feat. Each student is discussed by the faculty selection committee. The skills of NHS members must be broad. Academics are important, but so are other aspects of life. These students have achieved what it takes to be successful in Scholarship, character, leadership and service.