Spirit Week Success


Brigid J. Ripley

Students participate in the South Shore “battle cry” during the pep rally.

Morgan Rock, Reporter

The South Shore Junior and Senior High hosted their annual “Spirit Week,” on February 20th-24th. The Student Council runs the events that take place every day. The council assigns what each day will be, the point system, and the activities for the week. On Monday it was Celebrity Day, Tuesday was Disney Day, Wednesday was Color Day, Thursday was Decade Day, and Friday was Spirit Day. Classes dressed up each day in hopes of winning. Students had to wear their costumes for the majority of the day. At 3:00, the students gathered to have their costumes judged by staff members of the school. Each class got points for winning up to third place as a whole class. Students could also win points for having placed as an individual out of everyone. After judging, classes participated in quick games that could also gain your class points. On Monday, there was an obstacle course that involved hurdles, kicking a soccer ball, pogo sticking, bottle flipping, and a lay-up. On Tuesday, cup stacking with 28 cups and the class with the best time wins. Wednesday there was no activity due to a band trip. On Thursday, we played the real life version of “Hungry Hippos.” For this game, students had to pull a classmate by their legs while they were on a scooter. The classmate on the scooter had a basket that they had to use to collect balls that were in the middle of the gym. The class with the most collected balls at the end wins the game. Friday was the last day for the festivities. After lunch, students went to their homerooms to create their own banner that relates to their class. After an hour, the classes brought their banners to the commons to be judged. Once the banners were judged, the staff judges had to choose from a sea of red who had the best school spirit costume. Next, the students were split into teams to play games of Trench. The middle school had an “A and B team” that played each other for 10 minutes straight. At the end of the time, the team with the most wins gets to advance in the tournament. At the same time, the high school Team A and B were competing in the high school gym. Middle school Team B went on to play High School Team A. The high school team beat them by a landslide, but the middle school team fought tough. The high school team went on to play the staff team next. Although the high school team dominated score-wise, the staff put up a true fight showing the athleticism of some teachers that you aren’t always aware of. Once the games were completed, we finished the week of with a quick pep rally. The winter sports teams had their coaches say a few words and bring the team out for a round of applause. We wish good luck to the South Shore High School girls’ basketball team on their first Regional game this Friday night the 24th, at home, against Shell Lake. South Shore is currently the #1 seed in the regional and Shell Lake is #8. We also wish the boys’ high school basketball team good luck with their first Regional game at home Tuesday, the 28th, against Bayfield. Come and cheer on our teams as we try to advance in the tournament!