Happy to Serve! Marilynn Finucane and Kathryn Franta of Bayfield volunteer to serve food to the boys and girls basketball teams on February 16.

Work Hard. Eat Well.

February 17, 2017

Basketball is a rigorous sport that requires large amounts of energy. Student athletes work hard and dedicate hours and hours of time to improving their skills. It is important for players to get the fuel they need to play well. At South Shore, thankfully, this is not a difficult task. They have two groups of people who are ready and understanding of their schedules.

On home game nights students can go eat delicious food at the First Lutheran Church, which is only about 0.5 miles from the school. Students do not need to find a ride, they can just walk. This pre-game meal is full of laughter and smiles as food is hungrily gobbled up. No payment is required. It is more than just a place to acquire food, it is a social gathering of friends and teammates. Access to this free meal eases three strains on young people and their busy schedules: money, time and transportation.

On away games the students have another source of fuel. For six dollars the Bear Paw provides a sandwich with a side of chips and fruit. The food is bagged and ready for the players to pick up on their way to their game. But that is not all, the bags have personalized notes of encouragement written on them by Shelly Lovejoy. It is not just a transaction. The Port Wing community cares about its students. By the time the players arrive at their destination their food is digested and they are ready to play.

The students may eat everyday, but not as a team. There is something special about sitting down as a group and experiencing the pre-game excitement together. This is all due to the people who generously give their time to feeding the students of South Shore.

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