I Love to Read Month


Rylee Nicoletti

Keegan Jardine smiles with his brand new backpack.

Rylee Nicoletti

On Feb. 14th, along with their Valentines day festivities, the kindergarteners got literacy backpacks. Each backpack was numbered and handed out to each specific person. Then, after the kids have spent one week using and learning with their backpacks, they will be passed on to the next person. The students were extremely happy to receive these gifts. The whole goal of this service project is to promote family literacy at home.

The backpacks were received from Thrivent Financial. Tracy Olson, the kindergarten teacher, wrote the grant on her own to get them. In exchange, the class would get the backpacks and their own t-shirts. The backpacks are full of goodies. They all include different games, books, cd’s, and stuffed animals. Evalina, a kindergartener was extremely excited about her dinosaur themed pack.

The backpacks were a hit with the children and hopefully will be used their with family to learn and grow at home! The kindergarten class is very thankful for their wonderful teacher, Mrs. Olson, who made this all possible!