Kavajecz Shatters Her Career High


Morgan Rock

Shauna Kavajecz hits the three in warm-ups against Butternut.

Rylee Nicoletti

On Feb. 6th 2017, the girl’s basketball team went down to face the Butternut Midgets. This was a conference game for the girls and they determined to win, Shauna Kavajecz though was extra determined. The team took them on at home a while back and there were some major deficits. First, the girls were having a hard time scoring and were actually down in the second half. Then, Kavajecz took a hard fall and split her chin open. She was quickly patched up and back in the game. After the game was finished, she was taken to the E.R. to have stitches put it.

Previously, Shauna’s career high was 33 against the Winter Warriors compared to her new high of 35. Shauna had told one of her teammates before the game, “You never know, I might break my career high tonight for you to write about.”, since she’s been hitting the papers recently. Successful she was that night and she was very proud of how the team played and how she played as an individual, “I was super surprised when I heard I had 35 point that night. As I was playing, I would have never guessed it was that high.”As we head into the tournaments, she has a goal of beating it yet again.

Shauna is an amazing athlete and teammate and we hope to see her improve more as she continues on. It’s the third week in a row now of her making the papers, and we wish for another week!