Singin’ In The Winter: South Shore participates in LSYC


Brigid J. Ripley

Daniel Truchon, Kalyssa L’Heureux, Sylas Jardine, Shaliyah Lovejoy, McKenna Coy, Azure Grant, Sophia Truchon & Alessia Miller proudly wear their LSYC shirts.

Shaliyah Lovejoy, Contributer

Have you heard of LSYC?  It’s a program where children from 2nd through 7th grade practiced amazing songs and then performed in a concert.  We had eight students from South Shore Elementary School.  The students who participated and thought this was going to be a great experience were Mckenna Coy, Azure Grant, Daniel & Sophia Truchon, Alessia Miller, Sylas & Peyton Jardine, Kalyssa L’Heureux and myself.  We all went to Cathedral School in Superior for practice.  

Our van driver, Stacy Jardine, was kind enough to drive us every Wednesday.  We  practiced two songs there and the songs were: This is Winter and Silent Night.  Our choir teacher was Mrs.Robins.  Mrs.Robins was generous enough to teach us those two songs for a concert, on December 11th 2016, at the Cathedral Church across from Cathedral School.

 Everyone who participated in Prelude went into separate rooms and warmed up their vocal chords.  Then it was time…time to sing in the 2016-2017 LYSC Lake Superior Youth Chorus!!!!

When everyone went on stage the crowd was clapping so loudly my ear drums were ringing.  I couldn’t believe my eyes; so many people were there.  Everyone who participated got on and off the stage, it sounded like little mice going up and down stairs.  Finally the concert was over. It was time to eat goodies, and from what I heard everyone who participated sounded so awesome!