Brigid J. Ripley

Lillian Nollet, Denny Lind, Hayden Mieritz & Alessia Miller proudly display their certificates for winning the LAND+WATER poster competition. Congratulations!

Denny D. Lind, Contributor

I felt as though my heart would have burst like a balloon when my name was announced by our teacher Mrs. Suo! I got 1st place! My eyes were flying out of my head.  If I remember correctly, we made some posters in November for a contest called LAND+WATER, which was hosted by Bayfield County for any students in the state of Wisconsin. Mrs. Suo wasn’t finished with just my name.  In fact, the third and fourth grade had lots of winners!  Hayden felt amazed, when Mrs. Suo said “Hayden, 2nd place, 3rd grade.”  Mrs. Suo then called “Lillian, 1st place, 3rd grade.“ When I had a conversation with Lillian, she said she was “astounded.” Alessia looked surprised beyond imagination, when Mrs. Suo broadcasted “Alessia 2nd place, 4th grade.”

When I was making my poster for LAND+WATER. I made it first with crayons and colored pencils. It looked horrible. So I brought it home then I worked on it at my house. I used paint for the poster. When I brought it back the next day, everyone was amazed. So that’s how I made my poster.  You can see our posters at the Bayfield County Courthouse.