National Anthem

Brigid J. Ripley


Brigid J. Ripley

The junior choir at South Shore honored America at a home basketball game against Mellen on 01.24.2017 by singing the National Anthem, led by director Nicole Kavajecz.

Daniel Truchon, Contributor

Have you ever sung the National Anthem in front of more than 100 people at a boy’s basketball game?  On January 24, 2017, a Indian Head Conference boy’s basketball game was scheduled.  Children ages 9-17 had the choice to sing the National Anthem.  The children who wanted to, got to stay after school and and practice.  After we practiced we got to watch the JV game.  When the JV game ended we practiced once more and went upon the stage.  The band played a couple songs.  Finally, after half an hour, Mr. Gustafson announced “and now, to honor America, and those defending our freedom, we ask those who are able to stand, please remove your hats, and place your hand over your heart for the singing of the National Anthem of these United States of America by the South Shore junior choir!” And then we sang. After we finished singing, the crowd erupted in cheer! Some people stayed for the varsity game and some people left. We got lots of compliments. Mrs. Kavajecz thought it was great.