Cardinals Defeat the Trollers 49-41!


Brigid J. Ripley

Shauna Kavajecz gets the break away layup from one of many steals vs Bayfield.

Morgan Rock, Reporter

This year, the girl’s basketball Indianhead Conference has had its ups and downs. Deciding a dominant team has been quite the struggle. So far this 2016-17 season, 3 teams have been battling it out to see who remains on top. The current top three standings right now are South Shore 11-2, Washburn 9-1, and Bayfield 10-2. This week will be a very decisive turning point for the conference and the South Shore girls’ team.

Last night, Jan. 30th, the South Shore Cardinals took on the Bayfield Trollers at home. Both teams came with a hunger to come out with the win. The last time these two teams battled on Tuesday, Dec. 20th, the intensity was high and the determination even stronger. The two top dog teams went back and forth scoring constantly, but at the end, South Shore pulled ahead with a 59-40 win. Although the games do not mean much, they do go towards better seeding and the position on top of the conference before regionals start. First up the JV took the floor. This game was quite different than many for some of the players. Sophomore, Myla Lahti, who normally plays one-half of JV fell extremely ill after an allergic reaction to peanut butter cookies earlier. She remained out for the whole first half of JV. With the Cardinals only 8 behind in the first half, they needed to work hard to get ahead. Myla Lahti all of sudden jumped back in during the second half once she felt better. Myla put up a three-pointer and some other shots to help the JV team catch up. After an intense second half, the Cardinals lost to Bayfield by one point. The whole last 2 minutes were nail-biting. Right before the buzzer, Sara Kangas, a freshman, was fouled hard to the ground. Sara injured her knee severely, although no foul was called, which could have won the game for the Cardinals. Sara later that night took a trip to the E.R. to get her knee looked at. We hope her a speedy recovery! Right after the JV game ended, the team was informed that Myla Lahti was taken via ambulance to the E.R. after she passed out twice after the JV game. Thankfully, Myla recovered with an IV and other medication in the hospital. She is back in school today, and we are all thankful she will be okay.

After the crazy chaos of the JV game, it was now time for the varsity. The game started off intense with both teams scoring back and forth. Shauna Kavajecz got the pace of the game going pretty quick after 7 steals in just the first half. The cardinals did a great job of keeping the ball under control on their side with the turnovers in the first half being South Shore 4 and Bayfield 13. This teamwork led the Cardinals for the lead in the first half 24-20. The second half was just as intense as the first, if not more. Scoring was constant and the effort on defense never dwindled. Eventually, the Cardinals got a 9 point lead on the Trollers with only 1:30 left on the clock. Towards the end of the game, the Trollers last hope was to foul the Cardinals in order to get the ball and score within time. Thankfully, the Cardinals players did their part sinking their free throws and finishing off the Bayfield Trollers with an end score of 49-41. The win was a team effort and every player did their part. Leading the South Shore team was Shauna Kavajecz with 21 points, next was Emma Ostrenga with 9 points, Heather Ranta with 7 points, and Crystal Stewart and Signe Branham with both 6 points. Shauna helped the team immensely with her 14 steals total. Emma Ostrenga also was a big part of the win in their defense when they had to do a diamond and 1 on Lindsay Bressette. Emma mostly had to guard Bressette full court the entire game denying her the ball. Bressette on average scores around 24.5 points a game. Emma held her to only 3 points for the entire game. Next up the Cardinals will be facing the Washburn Castleguards at home this Thursday, the 2nd of February. If the Cardinals take this win, they will remain on top! Good luck Cardinals!