Dealing With the Weather


Rachael Teeter

A snowy driveway on a cold Wisconsin day.

Rachael Teeter, Reporter

Living in northern Wisconsin has many benefits. Depending on who you ask, snow days is one of them. At halftime during the boy’s basketball game on January 12, it was announced that there would be a two hour delay the next day. Cheers promptly followed. Signe Branham, member of the pep band, said: “it was a moment of pure joy.” This was the first snow-induced interruption of the year. Icey roads and snowy windshields are a part of life for us Wisconsinites, but sometimes it just gets too cold.  

What do students do when the snow gets too high and the temperature too low? Lexi Armbruster definitely doesn’t sit still “I go snowboarding at spirit mountain on snow days.” Kira Waters also isn’t afraid of the frigid Wisconsin air “When we get a foot or more of fluffy snow I put on my bikini and jump in the snow bank.” While they are out braving the cold weather, some choose to stay indoors. I take this not-so-active approach on snow days and curl up with my dog Belle and watch TV. Tianna Carpenter enjoys her time by “sleeping, playing around and eating junk food.” We all have our own snow day approaches.