Middle School Volleyball Takes 2 Wins!


Rylee Nicoletti

Natalie Knaack and teammates Natalie Golly & Chloe Sipsas prepare to receive the serve.

The middle school volleyball team has been struggling to get in the gym ever since their first practice on Jan. 1st. With the boys and girls’ basketball teams both occupying the gyms, the only time for the team to get a practice in is on the basketball game days. On average, the volleyball team gets to practice about twice a week. Although the disadvantage of practice time, the girls take every minute of practice with hard work and determination.

On the 26th of January, a Thursday, the middle school volleyball team had their first game of the season. To kick off the games the seventh-grade team got warmed up for their first game. The girls finally got practice their warm-up routine and get prepared. The Cardinals took on the Drummond LumberJills in some intense sets. The seventh-grade team played to the best of three sets. The Cardinals dominated in the first set 25-2. After one loss, they came back to life and crushed the LumberJills in the third set for the overall win. Next up the eighth-grade team took the floor. They got to show off their dominant hitting skills during warm-ups, giving the other team a taste of what is to come. The 8th-grade game is played to the best of five sets. Their team consists of four eighth-graders and surprisingly two other seventh graders who are also starters. The two 7th graders are Abby Lahti and Natalie Golly. Both girls are quite small, but immensely brave taking on a whole grade above them. Both girls showed their fierce competition last night with consistent serves and precise digs. The 8th graders consist of Natalie Golly, Chloe Sipsas, Lilly Tapani, and Taylor Nicoletti. As a team, the girls pulled through in the first set with a score of 26-24. The girls racked up the points with various serve aces, digs, and killer hits! Chloe Sipsas and Taylor Nicoletti both even earned a block for the night. The girls took the overall win in just three sets. Overall, South Shore dominated the floor that night. Darla Lahti, the coach, and her teams are now a threat to be reckoned with on the volleyball court. We can’t wait for more to come! This Tuesday, the 31st on January, will be the girls’ second game for a home triangular. Good luck middle school volleyball! Go Big Red!