Greene & Rantala Advance!


Myla Lahti

Marisol Greene, Isabella Rantala & Mrs. Merrill after the spelling bee

Crystal Stewart, Editor-in-Chief

On Wednesday January 18th, the yearly spelling bee took place in Mrs. Lallemont’s room. There where 10 students who participated in this contest. Isabella Rantala, a 6th grader, took first place in the competition, winning on the word Honolulu. “I didn’t really expect to win. Some of the words were easier than expected. It was very exciting to win. I am very excited also very nervous to compete at CESA 12.” Mari Greene, a 7th grader, took 2nd place, winning on the word vulpine. For those of you who don’t know what vulpine means, we’ll help you out. Vulpine means of or relating to foxes; crafty or cunning. Mari has put some hard work into learning the words, but she was still uncertain what the outcome was going to be. “Umm it was.. I didn’t except to get that far. The packet we were given had some hard words in it. I am very excited to go to the next level.”  These students will advance to the next competition at CESA 12 on February 2nd for the regional spelling bee. Isabella and Mari will be competing against 12 other schools and proudly representing South Shore. Anyone is able to go watch and cheer on South Shore’s finalists.

According to, spelling bees have been around since 1925. Mrs. Lallemont, the 5th grade teacher – who has been at South Shore since 2005 – said “As far as I know spelling bees have always been going on; South Shore has always been in one.” The tradition has been going on for more than 10 years at South Shore. Good luck, ladies at the regionals!